Project Description

For amazing portraits of your loved ones, we have two different courses: Portrait photography course covers all the basics while the family photography course focuses on parents to take beautiful family portraits.


One day you’re at home on a cloudy afternoon; another day in a park with friends under the summer sun,; you might have a friend who needs a new LinkedIn profile; or on the roads of Morocco as you travel through the souks and mountain villages while on vacation. Regardless of where or when you’re are, this course will show you in theory and in practice how to use the best of all available tools to get truly stunning portraits every time. You will learn the fundamentals of what makes a good portrait and, even more importantly, the technical and creative elements at your disposal. Whether you are harnessing available light or shaping the light you’ve brought with you, you will practice how to get stunning photographs that both you and your subject will be amazed by.

Half-a-day of theory and learning through examples, followed by half-a-day of field-practice with one of our models in the studio and on the streets of Geneva, we will answer all questions you may have while also building your confidence in how to deal with your subjects!

The course will go ahead with min 3 and max 6 attendees, to guarantee personalised attention and efficient use of the studio.


  • Fundamentals of portrait photography
  • Lighting Tools
  • Getting the most from Camera and Lens
  • 7 Steps to Amazing Portraits
  • Lighting Techniques
  • How to work with your subjects/models
  • The 7 Portraits you Need to know
level-icon2x Course level
group-size-con2x Group Size
3 to 6 participants
duration-icon2x Duration
7 hours
price-icon2x Price
440 CHF
Training, materials & snacks
advantage-icon2x Advantage
Money back guarantee


Swiss Photo Club is certified according to the EDUQUA: 2012 standard, the Swiss quality label for continuing education institutions

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