Project Description

Landscape photography is a wonderfully rewarding experience. However, as it requires you to leave your hometown or even country, travelling itself could be quite chaotic and photos you take might not look like you have experienced them. The mix of landscapes, terrains and logistical challenges can be difficult to navigate. It requires careful planning and preparation, but also the flexibility and openness of mind to take unforgettable photos. On top of that, you might have seen these fairy-tale, eye-catching perfect landscape shots that you wouldn’t believe are real. To get these shots done, many photographers employ various post-processing techniques. These became one of the most important aspects of modern landscape photography, should not be overlooked and are easy to learn!

Expect to improve the way you think about, take and process your photographs during your adventures as well as teach you how to plan your itinerary to make the best shots.

Recommended to all levels of photographers who have learned the basics of their cameras and settings and would like to have a refresher on the fundamentals and benefit from new material specifically on landscape and travel photography.

After the course, you will have learned…

  • The basics of photographic settings and features – a refresher in simple terms applied to landscape and travel situations to make sharp, colourful and well-composed photos
  • How to use different cameras, lenses, filters, carrying solutions and other equipment – and why
  • Planning your adventures from a short hike to a road trip and taking light conditions and locations into account
  • Composing striking photos from awe-inspiring landscapes to travel portraits or safari shots – common companions for your landscape endeavours
  • Tips and tricks on post-processing enabling you to select and present the best of your shots

Course Requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of photography including aperture, shutter speed, camera lenses and ISO including exposure modes. If you think you might need a bit of extra help, have a look at our Beginners Courses first.
  • Your camera, either a DSLR or a compact equivalent with manual exposure.
    (No camera? No problem. We offer free camera hire during the course, just tell us in advance).
  • Laptop (optional): with trial Adobe Lightroom Classic installed for post-processing exercises.
  • Positive attitude and passion for visual arts ?

Learn essential skills and creative theories to ‘level up’ your photography.


  • Photographic settings refresher – how to use ISO, aperture, shutter speed, shooting modes and focus in various situations
  • Basic techniques – using aperture to artistically change depth-of-field, shutter speed to blur or freeze motion, etc.
  • Advanced Techniques for landscape photography – complex panoramas, HDR, focus stacking, night photography

Planning and shooting:

  • How to plan itineraries of varied length (from a half-day hike to a multi-country trip) with samples and recommended tools
  • What to pack and how to carry, how to choose and when to use: all about your gear (with hands-on demonstrations)
  • How to plan your day while you are travelling to get the best photos (including weather tips, forecasts and unforeseen events)
  • Composing a scene and shooting – from rule-of-thirds to posing photography subjects


  • Selecting and organizing your photos using Adobe Lightroom
  • Post-processing basics – RAW format, panoramas, modern HDR, colour correction, artistic filters, Orton – effects, focus stacking, selective adjustments – with demos and real sample files to practice with

Photography and social media – how to use modern social platforms to boost and promote your photography


Part I
3-4 hrs indoors – planning and shooting techniques

Part II
2-3 hrs outdoors – shooting

Part III
1 hr indoors – post-processing

Note: Please bring suitable clothes according to the weather.

level-icon2x Course level
group-size-con2x Group Size
3 to 8 participants
duration-icon2x Duration
7 hours
price-icon2x Price
440 CHF
Training, materials & snacks
advantage-icon2x Advantage
Money back guarantee

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