If you have attended any of our photography courses, you know that we have been promising a platform where you can join competitions and share your photos to get feedback and visibility from our community.

After a thorough research, we have finally decided that Facebook Groups is the best way to implement this, and we have now officially launched the Geneva Photo Club Facebook Group.

GPC-Facebook Group Photo

This is a secret group to make sure it stays relevant and free of spammers. Once you are at the group page, just ask to join the group and your application will be reviewed within a few hours.

Here are a few features of our group:

Monthly Photography Challenges:

Sometimes the best way to increase your creativity is to work on a single theme and create its variations. Every month, we will have a different theme for you to join the competition – the winner photos (of course with credits to the creator) will be shared in our monthly newsletter and will be the Facebook cover photo of the group during the coming month. Although it doesn’t absolutely have to be a recent photo, we do strongly encourage you to take it as a project during that month.

Learning Photography:

We ask everybody to share the camera settings and any other experiences when they share their photos. Feel free to interact with the photography owners if you have any questions – people love talking about their shots.

Photography Community & Events:

We don’t like to send a lot of emails, so we will share any photography related activities in Geneva (photo walks, important exhibitions, networking opportunities, new courses, etc) in this group, so you will see them as notification when you log in to your FB account.

We expect this group to grow fast in the coming months, and we hope you will enjoy it too. Please let us know if we can improve it any further or if you have any other thoughts.