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Oguzhan (Osan) Altun

Altun Photography

CITY: Geneva
CLASSES: Beginners, Intermediate, Night, Lightroom, Photoshop

Osan left his corporate career in 2013 to follow his passion of photography. After graduating from New York Film Academy, he founded Swiss Photo Club to share his passion and create a community. He is specialised in Event, Wedding and portrait photography. He’s an avid traveller, with a considerable collection of landscape photos. He is also a certified Adobe Photoshop instructor.

Osan continuously strives to show something special about his subject and push the boundaries every time. His teaching style is crisp, to the point, and focused on getting the participant practice what she/he learned.

His portfolio is available at his website Altun Photography.


Julia Wimmerlin

Julia Wimmerlin Photography

CITY: Lausanne, Geneva
CLASSES: Beginners, Intermediate, Lightroom, Photoshop, Mobile

Julia is Ukrainian-born photographer living in La Côte region, Switzerland. After she left her native Kiev, she lived in France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Japan and the Philippines. She has degrees in Economics and Marketing that helped her to have a successful international marketing career for 15 years which she happily changed for photography in 2014.

Being nearly totally self-taught, she relies a lot on her advertising and marketing experience when constructing an image. Julia loves photography as a whole and will always bring something personal whether it’s a business portrait or a famous landmark.  Her strength is her creative approach combined with true emotions. Julia’s most famous images come from her travel, wildlife and creative portraiture having won international awards and being published internationally. Julia’s commercial specialization is in portrait, editorial/fashion and architecture. Julia is a regular contributor to the PhotoVogue site of Vogue Italia.

After winning the GPC Photo Awards jury prize in spring 2017, Julia joined Geneva Photo Club to share her passion and she is very much looking forward to welcome you into one of the many classes she’s teaching.


Elisabeth Fransdonk

Emotion in Photography

CITY: Lausanne
CLASSES: Beginners, Intermediate, Lightroom, Mobile

After having worked in advertising for many years, Elisabeth made the switch to the creative side and started her own photo studio EMO PHOTO 10 years ago. This switch allowed her to combine all her skills in one field: psychology by training, marketing communication by experience and photography by passion.

Her speciality in photography is Emotion, which shows in the very human approach she has developed over the years, focusing on revealing through photography the strength, beauty and authenticity of each person or service. She works in a number of fields of photography, like Architecture, Landscape, Portrait, Food, Fashion and Corporate Photography. She has had publications in a large number of magazines, and a large variety of examples of her work can be found on her website, on her Facebook page and on her Instagram account where she posts all her photos made with her iPhone.

As passionate as she is about her work, she is equally passionate about sharing her Love of Light as she calls it, and she is very much looking forward to welcome you into one of the many classes organised by Geneva Photo Club in Lausanne.

Elisabeth speaks 5 languages and can communicate in English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish.


Eugene Theodore

Eugene Theodore Photography

CITY: Geneva
CLASSES: Studio / Portraiture, Fashion

Eugene Theodore International Fashion and PR photographer. Expert in creating and capturing visual narratives with an authentic touch.

Eugene has been behind the lens for over 15 years, working internationally for corporate and private clients. He has been featured in New York’s EXPOSURE Gallery, been a Malta Fashion Week Fashion Photographer Finalist and had solo exhibitions in Scotland.

Trained at VOGUE and Studio Harcourt Paris, Eugene draws upon his experience in architectural and landscape photography to create a fashion fusion of unique and previously untold stories across colourful environments. At home shooting the CEO of a Fortune 500 and at play shooting the latest top designer collection in the Sahara, Eugene works equally well in-studio or on-location. However, his talent is most evident when he has the full resources of a site at his disposal.

Eugene is based between Geneva and London, frequently traveling across the globe on assignments taking him from the Fashion Week catwalks of Milan to underground rivers in Iceland. He is available for beauty and fashion assignments, executive portraits, corporate events and travel immersions.


András Barta

András Barta Photography

CITY: Geneva
CLASSES: Beginners, Lightroom

András is a self-taught freelance photographer specializing in food, events, and product photography.

With varied work experiences under his belt and a keen interest in entrepreneurship, marketing, and branding, he uses photography as a creative outlet as well as a tool for engagement and communication.

András’ result-driven approach to photography uses all available tools at the disposal of the modern-day photographer. It’s that approach he shares in the Beginners Photography and Lightroom Courses.

He is fluent in English and French


Olivier Borgognon

Olivier Borgognon Photography

CITY: Geneva
CLASSES: Portrait, Commercial, Outdoors Lifestyle Photography


Have you ever imagined a place where you could give back to the world what you have received as a gift? I firmly believe we are here for a purpose, for a specific reason, and that we are working our way through the discovery of our deepest soul in order to deliver our message to the world.

As a photographer, I visualise, conceptualise, document, research and blend it all together in order to create content, with a touch of my own, my “touche personnelle” as we would say in French.

Finding our purpose in life is challenging, it takes a lot of questioning and introspection, and I have found mine through photography. And the question is, why am I a photographer?

From childhood, I have wanted to help others, to share knowledge, share information, make the world a better place. As many, I have travelled through many life cycles, and passed through many failures and to some success stories, but they have always had a common element: Taking part in building greatness of others!

I stand here before you, through my work and who I am, to share my knowledge and my experience as a commercial & outdoors lifestyle photographer, in order to create unique work, powerful imagery and take part in the visual story of your brand.


Georges Altman

Georges Altman Photography

CITY: Geneva
CLASSES: Beginners, Intermediate, Adolescents, Photoshop

Can’t help but scribble “mouths” when he has a pencil in his hands, Georges Altman develops from an early age an ability to produce images, on any support at hand, to the dismay of teachers having crossed his path. Compulsive drawing led him to study visual communication in Lausanne and Geneva, where he enthusiastically discovered video and photography.

Graduated as a visual communication designer, he worked for a while as a freelancer, but after a few years he left the world of graphic design for photography, which gave him much more freedom. Working as a visual arts teacher since 2007, he has also created his own photo studio in Carouge in 2010. Photography is fast becoming his main activity. Since 2015 he’s also working in an association as a designer and director of audio-visual educational content aimed at fighting discrimination.

Even if he touches everything in his photo mandates, the subjects allowing him to create expressive characters or polard’s atmospheres, as before with the drawing, are by far his favorites. Thus, the details, the scars and the chiaroscuro are quite natural in his portraits as in his architectural photos.

Fedi Gioia

Fedi Gioia

Fedi Gioia Photography

CITY: Geneva
CLASSES: Beginners, Intermediate

Fedi  was born in Italy and lived in Spain, England, Germany and since 2016 she lives in Switzerland. Passionate about photography since she was a child, she is experienced working in the digital marketing field. After a five years of corporate work, she took the decision to be a full time photographer. She enjoys telling stories via my images and her passion for food brought her to assist food photographers in London and specialising in food photography. She also enjoys taking pictures of anything that capture her attention and normally she works in portraiture, events, wedding, lifestyle and corporate. She speaks fluently Italian, Spanish, french, English and she has an intermediate level of German and Portuguese.

“Capturing moments and being able to tell a story through a photo camera is my passion and my job and I believe is magic.”

Her work is visible here

Malini Pittet

Christine Herman-Vetter

Sweet Dots Photography

CITY: Geneva
CLASSES: Beginners, Intermediate, Photoshop

Christine was born and raised in Vienna, Austria.

She started working as a self-taught event photographer during her university studies in Vienna and moved to Geneva in 2011 to pursue her studies.

After working in event management in the United States she moved back to Geneva in 2015. This is when she decided to pursue her passion and love for photography.

She became a certified professional photographer in 2017 and followed various workshops to define her style over the years. She does both studio and outdoor photography.

With ‘Sweet Dots Photography’ she specializes in what she calls ‘happy moments/memory photography’: maternity, newborn, baby & child, family and couple portraiture. ‘I believe that not only remembering special moments in life but also capturing these true emotions for later is essential.’

She is fluent in English, French and German

Discover more about Christine and see more of her work at:

Malini Pittet

Malini Pittet

Malini Pittet Photography

CITY: Lausanne
CLASSES: Wildlife Photography

Following a decade of working as a researcher in wildlife conservation, specialising in large field ecology, Malini Pittet turned to wildlife photojournalism. The reason for the change in career was based on the possibility to reach a greater audience to create awareness about conservation through photography and story-telling.

Malini was born and brought up in India and moved to Europe to attend university. She completed a Master degree in  Biodiversity Conservation and Management at the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, University of Kent. Her various research projects gave her the opportunity to study leopards and tigers in India, Arabian leopards in Yemen as well as jaguars, pumas and ocelots in the Peruvian Amazon. Malini loves travelling and photographing wildlife around the world. Her travels have taken her to many countries around the world such as Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, , Oman, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Madagascar, Seychelles, Brazil and many more!

The combination of wildlife photography and travelling brings together a perfect combination, something Malini is keen to share. Learn about wildlife and nature photography with Malini and use these skills on your next nature holiday.

Discover more about Malini and see some of her work at:

Samuel Zeller

Samuel Zelller

Samuel Zeller Photography

CITY: Geneva
CLASSES: For FujiFilm Cameras: Beginners, Intermediate

Samuel is a freelance photographer based in Geneva. He draw on his past designer career to create images that are clean, precise and carefully composed. He strive to find beauty even in the coldest of industrial locations. His work has been published internationally.

He specialize in editorial, architecture and industrial photography. In 2015 he became a Fujifilm ambassador for Switzerland. He now gives Fujifilm, architecture and street photography private trainings with at Swiss Photo Club.