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I took the intensive Intro to photography’s course. I would highly recommend the course for anyone who is looking to improve their photography and learn some good techniques.
What was great about the course was that it combined a technical knowledge of photography (in very easy to understand language) mixed with practical tips. The instructor introduced concepts and techniques and we practiced immediately.

I would have to say that I noticed an immediate improvement in my photography after the course. I learned many functions on the camera and I am happy to say I am fully taking advantage of my DSRL now.

Thanks Geneva photography club! Keep up the good work.

Amanda Notte
I loved that the whole training is action oriented. After day 1 wanted to take my camera and start taking photos.
The Street Photography Workshop taught me to see the world with new eyes and how to use my camera spontaneously and effectively to capture some really cool images. I thoroughly enjoyed the liberating approach encouraged in the workshop and highly recommend it to anyone hoping to photograph from the heart as well as the head. Thanks, Jeremy, for a great afternoon.