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About Us, before registration

What are the activities of Swiss Photo Club?2018-04-12T18:44:49+02:00

Here is a summary of our activities, in Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich. Feel free to contact us if you have additional suggestions.

  • Group and private photography courses
  • Local photography competitions and exhibitions
  • Photo walks
  • Photography trips in Switzerland and abroad
  • Workshops and conferences with famous Photographers
  • Studio and equipment rental
  • … and the list goes on

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Where do the courses take place?2017-05-08T14:46:21+02:00

The exact location of each course is different – either at the studio of the instructor or a central meeting place in the town.

Feel free to get in touch with us if the exact location of the course is important for your registration.

Is my camera suitable for your courses?2017-01-05T18:54:50+01:00

Any camera that allows you to select shooting mode (P/A/S/M) is ok for the courses (except of mobile photography classes of course). The generation, brand, or sophistication of the camera is irrelevant but it can not be a compact pocket camera.

Feel free to email us your camera make and model. We will check its specification online and let you know if your camera is suitable for that particular course.

We can also arrange you a camera during the course – please check with us in advance so that we can reserve a Nikon or Canon for you.

What equipment do I need to bring?2017-01-05T18:55:42+01:00

Generally if you are coming to our photography course, you should bring your digital SLR camera with batteries fully charged, memory cards and at least one lens. Having said that you are welcome to bring as much equipment as you like.

Are there any breaks and refreshments?2017-01-05T18:55:51+01:00

We realize that maximum time anyone can focus on a subject is about 45 mins. So we will give a break about every hour to let you rest and digest all that you have learnt.

Please note that we don’t provide food for lunch, however there will be plenty of tea, coffee, water, biscuits, fruits and so forth available free of charge.

How can I pay by Bank Transfer or in cash?2019-07-29T17:26:33+02:00