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  • Date & Time
    10 Dec 19
    09:00 - 17:00

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The Portrait Masterclass by Chris Knight

If you think that a portrait is primarily about lighting and apertures, then you are missing out what makes a portrait truly great! Join Chris Knight in a deep dive into the powerful interplay of the psychological and technical elements of portraiture that can help your images be more than skin deep.

You’ll learn how to find the best angle, optimal lens choice, top posing tips, the power of composition, wardrobe guidelines, and (of course) lighting. Whether working with streamlined, ‘beginner’ gear on location or a studio packed with professional gear, this class will help you improve how you think about and execute your portrait work. Develop your portraiture with Chris Knight as your guide.

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Language: English

Number of participants: This workshop is limited to 16 people, the minimal number of participants is 8.

Address: Rue Henri-Christiné 5, 1205 Genève

Learning Objectives:

  • Integrate personal style to shape the concept
  • Use psychology to better connect to your subject
  • Put your subject at ease
  • Select gear based on what you need to express
  • Posing and directing your subject
  • Styling a portrait
  • Composition
  • Lighting effectively for portraiture


You will need a camera and ideally one or two zoom lenses.

It is recommended that you have a basic understanding of lighting.

CHF 699.– (VAT-exempt)
A model will be there
Lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided for free by Swiss Photo Club.

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The discounts cannot be cumulated.

Price · Prix Qty · Qté
# of people 699.0 (CHF)  
Previous Student 629.1 (CHF)  
The Members ticket (594.2 (CHF)) is available to members only. On Sale

About Chris Knight

Chris Knight was born in Wiesbaden, Germany and hardened by the sweaty, nearly chewable, humidity of Florida. He combines his unconditional love of art history with his conditional love of technology, topping it off with a flare for the cinematic and an uncompromising eye for detail.

His work has appeared in or on Vogue, People, MSNBC, ABC, Ocean Drive, GQ and others.

Chris is the author of The Dramatic Portrait and an instructor at Pratt Institute as well as the New York Film Academy.