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# of students 90.0 (CHF)  / bundle 

  • 26 Oct 19
    14:00 - 16:00

For questions · Numero d'appel: 0800 800 472

Instructor: Bernard Menettrier de Jollin

Language: English

Workshop: Portrait of strangers – how to approach (or not) people on the street

Description: There are a lot of interesting faces in the street. People you may want to make a portrait. Whether in the streets of Lausanne, in your neighborhood, on a trip or, or anywhere else. This workshop allows participants to understand how to make “incognito” portraits and especially to practice effective techniques to approach strangers and photograph them with full knowledge of the facts.

Materials recommendation: camera, any lens with a focal length between 50 and 200mm.
Clothing recommendation: wear neutral colors (brown, green, gray, black) and rather dark, avoid showy colors (yellow, red …)

Level: All

Location:Place Centrale, Terrasse of “Café Le Central”