• Date & Time
    8 Dec 19
    10:00 - 18:00

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Fine-Art Nude Photography Masterclass by Lindsay Adler

La célèbre photographe de mode new-yorkaise Lindsay Adler se rend à Genève pour enseigner au Swiss Photo Club. Les cours ayant lieu dans la langue maternelle de Lindsay, le texte suivant est également disponible en anglais.

Artists have studied and captured the nude human form for centuries. Photographing nudes can be a truly artistic and liberating experience focusing on concept, light and form. You can shoot abstracts, powerful compositions, and the stunning contours of the human body. Still, successful nude photography takes a great deal of thought and preparation. You must consider location, lighting, props, posing and more in order to execute a striking nude image.

The lecture portion of this class covers inspiration, finding and selecting models, equipment, posing, lighting, basic retouching and more! You will learn tips for interacting with the models, ideas for poses, and foolproof lighting techniques.

Lindsay will begin the class by discussing to core essentials of posing a fine art nude subject – how you can use posing to shape the body into beautiful shapes to fit your creative vision. Next we will learn how lighting sculpts the human form, and how you can use this to your advantage to flatter your subject and create interest in your image. Then… we shoot! Lindsay will provide you with a wide range of stunning subjects to photograph and create striking works of art.

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Language: English

Address: Rue Henri-Christiné 5, 1205 Genève


10:00 – Etiquette and planning your first shoots
10:30 – Lighting for the nude
11:15 – Posing for the nude
11:45 – Set 1 (Lindsay teaches and demonstrates the set, then participants shoot)
13:00 – Lunch
14:00 – Set 2
15:15 – Break
15:30 – Set 3
16:45 – Break
17:00 – Final set


You will need a camera and ideally one or two zoom lenses. Lindsay will be using a 24-105mm and a 70-200mm. You should know (be familiar and comfortable with) your camera gear.

It is recommended that you have a basic understanding of lighting.

CHF 699.– (VAT-exempt)
A model will be there
Lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided for free by Swiss Photo Club.

15% discount for all SPC members
10% discount for previous SPC students: Use code STUDENT

The discounts cannot be cumulated.

About Lindsay Adler

Fashion photographer Lindsay Adler has risen to the top of her industry as both a photographer and educator. Based in New York City, her fashion editorials have appeared in numerous publications including Marie Claire, In Style, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and more. As a photographic educator, she is one of the most sought-after speakers internationally. Lindsay enjoys teaching on the industry’s largest platforms and most prestigious events. She has worked with some of the top brands in the photographic and related industries such as Canon and Adobe.  Her client list consists of NBC, Grey, Edelman, Saatchi & Saatchi and more.

A clean, bold, and graphic style has become the hallmark of her work, whether shooting advertising campaigns, designer look books, jewelry, hair campaigns, fashion editorials, or professional athletes. Lindsay is renowned for her creativity and collaborating with designers and stylists in order to create fresh looks.

Lindsay’s energy and enthusiastic teaching style showcase her excitement to share her passion and knowledge with others, whether it is world-wide through prestigious platforms such as CreativeLive, KelbyOne, and the industry’s largest conferences, or through her blog, video tutorials or her five books.

She is located in Manhattan shooting fashion full time. She is honored to have been named a Canon Explorer of Light as well as a ProFoto Legend of Light.

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