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Free Guided Day tour to the most famous wine event in town, organized by and Geneva Photo Club.

Learn about wines from the experts and practice your photography with your instructors!

See the photos from previous year here.

The grand opening of the wine cellars this year is already due end of May! This is a big yearly event, with thousands of people attending from all over Switzerland. And of course a perfect opportunity to taste local wines and pass the day outdoors with friends.

Join us at our traditional day-trip at Caves Ouvertes, to discover the delicious wines from the area and practice your photography. We will have a program to guide you through the best wineries and will have expert sommeliers from who will explain you the wines as you try them.

We will visit 4 different wineries during the day. If the group is too big, we will split into two (with a sommelier & a photography instructor in each group) and then re-unite at the final winery.

  • Date & Time
    20 May 17
    10:30 - 17:00