27 - 30 September

Tuscany Photography Trip

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Project Description

Tuscany Photo Tour

DISCOVER Tuscany with Swiss Photo Club’s guided tour.

You will learn from professionals how to take amazing pictures of this beautiful landscape.

3 days full immersion into photography and Tuscany magic.

27 – 30 September 2019

Join us for a full sensory experience of Tuscany, complete with 3 days of amazing food, fine wine, 4-star hotels and breath-taking landscapes.

Take picture-perfect postcards during this guided tour, with Riccardo and Claudio who are experts of this region, who speak English, French and Italian. Guaranteed to be at the right places at the right times! We will explore medieval villages, historic towns, castles, green rolling hills and beautiful abbeys that are scattered all over. You’ll be inspired during the countless opportunities to capture breath-taking photos.

The journey starts at Florence, then we jump to our minivan (or you can follow us with your transport) to discover the beautiful lands of Pisa, Livorno, San Gimignano, Siena, Monteriggioni and Florence.

You’ll practice all kinds of photography from landscapes to portraits, from long exposure night shots to carefully composed architectures, together with a fun group and expert photographers & guides.

The early bird discounted tickets are only available for the first 5 people or until July 31st. Join before full!

With two professional photographers originally from the region, you will be guaranteed to be at the right places at the right times for amazing photography, from seaside to countryside and up to the magnificent art of Rinascimento in Florence.

Each day will consist of a morning and an afternoon class, followed by a small recap before dinner. The instructors will cover journal making and smartphone photography at the end of the sessions, to help you take much better photos and create stories even when all you have with you is a smartphone.

During the first day in Pisa & Livorno, we will practice architectural photography, learning geometry, compositions rules. In the evening, we will practice how to create stunning silk sea effects waterfront and make long exposure shoots.

During the second day, along the route from Livorno to San Gimignano, we will focus on landscape photography at the famous Tuscan hills and countryside landscapes. During the afternoon we will visit the famous Siena and his Piazza del Campo. We will explain how to create hdr pictures and get the perfect panoramic photo. A special dinner and night in 4 star Tuscan style farmhouse will be the right place to sit down and explain how to organize and select your best shots. A startrail astronomic photo class will take place in the night open to everybody who want discover the secrets of stars and planets.

The third day we will be completely dedicated to Florence, with the guidance of Riccardo who was born and lived in Florence for many years. We will discover the beautiful hidden gems of this wonderful city, practicing street photography, arts, panoramas and of course architecture. You will have a half day “free” on this day to enjoy Florence in your own terms, doing any of your favorite activities.

In recap during these 3 days you have these lessons on field:

  • Learn rules composition and practice with your camera manual modes.
  • Learn how to make architectural pictures, practice with geometry and apply the correct corrections.
  • Practice with long exposure, get the perfect shots with tripod and improve the pictures.
  • Correct in-camera the colors, practice with RAW, and learn how to choice the best lens for each situation.
  • Outdoor photography, use of balanced flash and play with light in sunny days.
  • Night photography, and effects (silksea waterfront, lightpainting, lightwriting etc),startrails and astronomic shots.
  • HDR and panoramic photo, usage of in-camera options to create the publish-ready image.
  • Journal making and smartphone Photography classes.
  • Street photography, artist’s effects and panning / tilting effects.
  • Learn the best tricks to categorize, select and edit / enhance the best pictures from the trip.
  • Get full of suggestions, tips and tricks and explanation on your camera usage.

Where do we go?

In the famous region of Tuscany in Central Italy. This area is world famous for wine, landscapes art, history and of course photography!

Which cities will we visit during our tour?

  • Pisa with his famous tower and Piazza dei Miracoli.
  • Livorno famous port on Mediterranean sea with his architecture and his wonderful Terrazza Mascagni.
  • San Gimignano, the world famous medieval town with its towers and breathtaking views.
  • Siena, with Piazza del Campo member of UNESCO famous for his Palio and many architectural interest.
  • Monteriggioni, a real gateway to middle ages.
  • Florence, with all his beautiful surroundings and his historic center & Points of interest.

Weather conditions:

Average temperature of the period in Tuscany: minimum 15 ° C max 27 ° C

Where do we stay? 

You’ll be accommodated into 4 stars hotels, private or double occupancy depending from your booking. Each places will be located near these cities: Livorno, Siena and Florence. Breakfast is ever included, parking as well if you want join us with your car or motorbike.

Note: Shared rooms can be shared with a partner or friend. Don’t hesitate to let us know as soon as you booked. Room upgrades during the trip is possible but subject to availability. Please get in touch with your instructors if you wish to have your room upgraded.

What is included?

  • All photo classes from our instructors during the trip, unlimited questions
  • Guided tours in town by our instructors and explanations of each area during the trip
  • Welcome drink and tour plan guide with all information’s.
  • Transfers from Pisa with a private 9 places Minivan equipped with WiFi onboard and air conditioning (or you can follow us by your car or motorbike).
  • 3 dinners in typical Tuscany’s restaurants (please specify if you have allergy or intolerance in advance)
  • 3 nights in hotel 4 stars (breakfast included)
  • Snack & Refreshment during the tour

NOT included:

  • Arrival and departure costs from/to Pisa to your home (Flight, car rentals, etc..).
  • Lunch during the trip (in each city we will reserve a “free time “of one hour to have your own lunch or spend time as you want).
  • Travel insurance.
  • Photography equipment (if you need camera / lenses or other equipment, get in touch with us for a special rental offer).

Note: There will be a fixed schedule every day, but we will have the flexibility to spend more time in specific places if needed/asked.
Also, we hope to have perfect weather during the trip, but in case of unusual conditions, we might make changes with the group’s agreement.



Strongly recommended 🙂






Fantastic, intensive, powerful.



Max. 7 people
Early Bird Price

Shared Room

CHF 1’290 CHF 1’190 + VAT


Private Room

CHF 1’490 CHF 1’390 + VAT



Which languages will the workshops take place?2018-12-16T22:20:54+02:00

Unless otherwise stated in the course description, the group conversations will be in English.

Our instructors are all at least bi-lingual, so we will probably be able to help you in your own language in private, in case of any questions. Please check before registration if you do not feel comfortable in English.

Cancellation policy for trips2019-05-16T12:36:25+02:00

If for some reason you can’t make it on the trip, please email us ASAP by simply sending an email to hello@swissphotoclub.com.

The following conditions apply to cancellations and booking changes for the trip:

Up to 90 Days: 20% of the price is held as cancellation

89 – 31 Days: 50% of the price is held as cancellation

30 – 0 Days: 100% of the price is held as cancellation

Tickets are not for resale.

Are there any requirements to join?2018-07-12T19:43:21+02:00

No. The application is open to everybody who have the passion for photography and learning. This trip is for beginners as well as for pros because we believe that we all have different talents and we can all learn from each other. Even though, a basic knowledge of photography is highly recommended.

What happens after my application?2018-07-13T18:29:48+02:00

Once we receive your payment, we will get back to you with a short survey or a call to get to know your preferences for language and accommodation. As the trip gets closer, we will keep in touch with you again to confirm the trip, introduce the instructors, update you on the progress and communicate the full program.

Can I share a room / have my own room?2018-07-13T19:16:59+02:00

Yes, you can either apply for a private room, share it with your partner or friend or directly let us pick a match from the same sex for you. In case we run out of private rooms, we also will select another photography-enthusiast of the same gender for you.

Will there be other people?2018-07-13T19:17:10+02:00

No. This trip will be organized by and for Swiss Photo Club only.

Questions regularly asked2018-12-21T11:17:10+02:00

Your children must be at least 16 years old to join.

We want to offer the best conditions to all the participants. That’s the reason why the pets are unfortunately not accepted.

Allergies and/or food intolerances:
We take seriously your allergies/ intolerances. You could let us know about everything when we’ll contact you.

Additional photo equipment:
We have a partnership with great photography manufacturers. If you need to buy photo gear for your trip, do not hesitate to contact us and we will send you a quote (hello@swissphotoclub.com).

How about travel insurance?2018-08-27T14:13:11+02:00

There is no insurance included in the weekend photography trip. Please make sure you have health, travel and accident insurance coverage.

What happens in case of emergencies?2018-07-06T14:36:29+02:00

We will ask you to give us a way to get in touch with a contact person of your choice before the trip.
You and your beloved ones can contact all of us during our trip and our team back in Geneva and Zurich.
In case of any special allergies or medical treatments, we highly recommend to contact your doctor before applying for the trip.
Swiss Photo Club does not provide any insurance.

How can I pay?2019-07-29T17:28:25+02:00

You can either pay via:

  • Credit Card (fastest/prefered option),
  • Bank Transfer (bank details – purpose: name sept trip)
  • Invoice (send us an email with full name and billing address)
  • Cash at any post office

If you’d like to pay by bank transfer, you can make it either by e-banking or from any post office (takes one day to reach us):

E-Banking (1 day):

Account owner: Swiss Photo Club
Address: Rue Henri-Christiné 5, 1205 Geneva
IBAN: CH77 0483 5144 2006 1100 1

Pay in Cash at Post Office (2 days)

To pay at any post office, you can use the red payment slip below:

What to bring?2018-07-06T14:37:11+02:00
  • Photography equipment for landscape and night photography (body, lenses, tripod, filters, strap, batteries, sd cards, etc.)
  • Laptop with Lightroom or Photoshop for the editing session (optional)
  • Warm clothes according to weather conditions

You will get a recommended packing list with your welcome information