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Teens Photography Course
11 - 16 years old

Teens Photography Course
11 - 16 years old

Is your teen into photography? If yes, this fun workshop organized during two afternoons will let your teen develop photographic skills and show him/her how to use a camera as well as taking great photos with their mobiles.

This is a very hands-on class, all exercises requires the students to work in teams, so expect plenty of time to practice photography all day.

Tailored for Beginners

The class will cover a range of technical and artistic aspects, including aperture, shutter speed and ISO, amongst other photography principles. Coming out of this course, the students will have a great base to continue developing in the art of photography.

Class sizes are kept small so each participant will have a chance to interact with the host on a one-to-one basis. There will be a substantial amount of hands-on activity involved on the day, so please wear comfortable shoes and bring an umbrella should the weather call for it.

During the intensive course, you will learn:

  • A basic but practical understanding of photography principles and concepts like Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Depth of Field.
  • Various features of your digital camera and what you can do to maximise the use of this wonderful tool
  • Learn by doing, with trained experts there to guide you as you work
  • How to use your Camera – properties and mechanisms.
  • Understanding Lenses – what to use, when and why
  • Creative Use of shutter speeds, aperture (f-numbers), depth of field, flash and exposures.
  • The art of composition and getting great colors for landscapes
  • Common mistakes and great examples
  • Practical exercises (outdoors / indoors depending on the weather)
  • Relaxed and Constructive Feedback


  • Your camera: DSLR or mirrorless or superzoom
  • If you don’t have a camera, we offer free DSLR camera to use during the course (please tell us in advance after your registration).
  • Positive attitude and passion for visual arts 🙂
level-icon2x Course level
group-size-con2x Group Size
3 to 8 participants
duration-icon2x Duration
7 hours
price-icon2x Price
390 CHF
Training, materials & snacks
advantage-icon2x Advantage
Money back guarantee
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