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Street Photography
Half Day Workshop

Street Photography
Half Day Workshop

Street Photography
Half Day Workshop

With this street photography course, you will discover that the streets of your city offer up a moving feast that never fails to inspire the photographer with an eye! Our experienced instructor will show you many tricks that the worldwide famous photographers use to capture the life on the street.

This course will provide you a strong foundation to capture extraordinary moments from the ordinary life, whether in Geneva or in your travels. Through individual feedbacks and a lot of practice you will learn to overcome your fear and capture the decisive moments that presents to you.

Only a small group of participants will be accepted for each session to improve personal feedback and development.

What to bring:

  • Suitable clothes according to the weather.
  • Comfortable shoes (no heels ladies).
  • A camera you know how to operate.
  • Appropriate lens or lenses (remember you will have to carry it for a long time).
  • If using digital camera: Sufficient batteries (ideally 2) and digital storage to last the workshop.
  • If using film camera: at least one full roll of film (24×36) or two medium format films.

The course has a short preparation part with emphasis on techniques and psychological aspects. This will be followed by 3 hours of intense practice and personal development through feedback.

After the course, you will have mastered…

  • Develop an eye on anticipating and seeing the decisive moment before it vanishes forever.
  • Learn tricks on how to capture the picture you want by being invisible to your subjects.
  • Be more confident in approaching people on the street you would like to appear in your pictures.
  • How to see and anticipate key moments and good light
level-icon2x Course level
group-size-con2x Group Size
3 to 6 participants
duration-icon2x Duration
4 hours
price-icon2x Price
250 CHF
Training, materials & snacks
advantage-icon2x Advantage
Money back guarantee


Swiss Photo Club is certified according to the EDUQUA: 2012 standard, the Swiss quality label for continuing education institutions

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