Project Description

Photography Mastery Bundle #2
Weekday Evening Courses

If you want a full fledged proper photography training that will take you to an advanced level, you will need multiple trainings in the fields that interest you.

Our photography mastery packages allow you to choose among our courses based on your preferences and give you a full year to attend based on your availabilities.

If you trust us with your photography training, these bundles will also get you a good discount on the total price.

This Weekday Evening Bundle package includes:

  • 2x Weekday Classes (Beginner + Intermediate): 20hrs
  • 3 x Half Day Courses: 12hrs

Total: 32 hours, 1450chf 1190chf

level-icon2x Course level
group-size-con2x Group Size
Max 8 people
duration-icon2x Duration
32 hours (5 courses)
price-icon2x Price
1450 1190 CHF