Project Description

Would you like to learn how to take amazing photos with the camera you always have with you ?

Join us at the 4 hour Smartphone Photography Workshop to learn how to get the best out of mobile.

During this course you will gain the skills and knowledge to produce high quality, creative images that will take your photographs to a whole new level. We will show you the settings you need, the best applications to download and also the basics of photography that applies to any camera.

Your photos will never be the same again 🙂

What do I have to bring?

  • Your phone
  • Positive attitude and passion for visual arts 🙂

Course program:

  • Basics of photography & exposure
  • Using the camera app : Focusing, exposure, locking either or both
  • Burst mode
  • Camera modes of smartphone
  • Definition of light, how does it work, for example – what happens if light bounces of a white surface or a dark surface, how is it influenced by its environment and how can we use it
  • Composition , basic rules and how to apply them
  • The art of observation: learning how to discover an image – looking without judging – the art of being surprised – a good photo being the beginning of a story.
  • The art of communication – what story do you want to tell ? and how are you going to tell it ?
  • How to photograph landscapes with smartphone
  • How to photograph portraits with smartphone  – lessons in light and how to make your model feel at ease
  • Best applications for your phone photography for taking photos and post production


  • Your phone and