Project Description

Photography Weekend at Grimentz

25 – 27 September 2020

The perfect combination of your passion and an unforgettable weekend is only 3 hours away!
Join us to discover beautiful Grimentz and the neighbouring Moiry Dam.
Practice multiple fields of photography in a fun group, get personal advice and come back with stunning photos.

It’s going to be a fascinating escape from your everyday routine to fully concentrate on our common passion: photography. A picturesque old village with wooden houses, mesmerizing views, stunning nature combined with a group of likeminded people.

We will practice photographing landscapes, wildlife whenever possible, outdoor portrait shoots and night/astro photography. Our instructors will be there for you during the whole trip for any questions. There will be an editing session as well, where you will get personal feedback and help to select and improve your best photos.

Note: This trip will focus on hands-on photography rather than covering ‘the basics’. For the complete beginners, we recommend one of our beginner classes in advance for preparation. 


Located in the canton Valais, gorgeous Grimentz lies at 1.620 m in the Val d’Anniviers in the french-speaking part of Switzerland. Diving into the atmosphere of the (g)olden days becomes quite easy here: centuries-old buildings, narrow alleys and cultural heritage next to panoramic views and breathtaking landscapes. The perfect spot to forget about hectic life and completely focus on photography. We will improve our landscape photography skills at close-by Moiry Lake and Dam and will enjoy panoramic views from Bendolla.

Reaching there is possible via driving (parking spots available) or public transport (train + bus). We will send you detailed instructions about how to get there in your welcome information once you sign up for the trip.


What is the program?  

  • Village tour
  • Night Photography
  • Day trip to the incredible Moiry Dam Lake
  • Lots of landscape, portrait and travel photography practices.


You will be accommodated in cozy, modern chalets of Swiss Escape, which are fully equipped with kitchen, bathrooms and open lounge area. Breakfast and snacks are included.

With optional private or double rooms, you can either enjoy complete silence and privacy after a great shooting day or share the experience with your partner or friend in a double room (2 ppl). There are limited numbers of both, so better pick quickly 😉

What you can expect from this trip?

The best way to improve your photography is to practice, and we intend to give you many opportunities during this trip to do just that. We will provide different challenges for all levels, give personal feedback on your work and show you how you can do better. 

During the first day, you will practice photographing the village with its people and architecture. After dinner, there will be a night photography workshop to practice astro photography, light painting and of course long exposures.

The second day will start with a trip to the Moiry Lake and Dam, with its beautiful nature, geometry and also many outdoor portrait practices. After dinner there will be a selection & editing session, where you can improve your photos with the help and guidance from our instructors.

On the third day we will enjoy and explore the incredible vie