Know some basics but don’t have opportunities to practice photography?
Would like to regularly practice with our instructors to get immediate feedback and advice?
Would like to find out about best shooting locations in your city?

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3 Months

CHF69per month
  • Total of CHF 207.- prepaid
  • Min 2 member workshops per month
  • 15% off on all courses
  • Special discounts from Swiss Retailers

6 Months

CHF49per month
  • Total of CHF 294.- prepaid
  • Min 2 member workshops per month
  • 15% off on all courses
  • Special discounts from Swiss Retailers

1 Year

CHF33per month
  • Total of CHF 396.- prepaid
  • Min 2 member workshops per month
  • 15% off on all courses
  • Special discounts from Swiss Retailers

Why Membership

Photography is an art best learned via practice, practice and practice.

Since we started teaching photography, #1 request from our students were consistent:
To have more opportunities to practice with our instructors.

Our membership system is designed to provide just that:
Join our regular workshops with our instructors, get immediate feedback, become part of our community.
We also added more sweet benefits for your pleasure:)

Membership Benefits

Member Workshops

1 Dec Sat 16:00 - 18:00 GE Vieille Ville de Genève en mouvement Français Free SIGN UP
16 Dec Sun 16:00 - 18:00 LS Cityscapes in Lausanne English Free SIGN UP

Membership: FAQ

What are the advantages of becoming a member?2018-05-28T16:47:17+00:00

Free member workshops: At least 2 workshops per month for members only, on a variety of topics that you can join. Practice your photography with our instructors, get direct feedback, meet like minded fellow photography enthusiasts.

15% discount on all regular courses and 50% reduction on all Photo Awards submissions

Partner discounts from major photography retailers in Switzerland. Current list includes LIGHT + BYTE, Manfrotto, Sunsniper, Olympus, Tamron, NiSi, Gitzo and Photo Marlin in Basel. More brands & shops to be added soon.

What is the required level to join the member workshops2018-05-28T16:48:11+00:00

We recommend intermediate level – those who already took the beginners course and/or already familiar with your camera settings. If you’re a complete beginner, of course you can still become a member and benefit from the price reduction to one of our beginners courses before the workshops.

Do you offer membership discounts for students?2018-05-28T16:50:10+00:00

Yes, we’re happy to offer 15% discount for students. Make sure to select bank transfer during checkout and then send a copy of your student card to

Membership Automatic Renewal Opt-Out2018-05-28T16:52:09+00:00

You can opt-out of automatic renewal of your SPC Membership at any time, prior to the date you are charged for renewal.

Can I transfer my membership to someone else or can someone else join the workshop in my place?2018-05-28T16:54:38+00:00

No, the membership is strictly under your name.

Can I cancel my membership and get a refund?2018-05-28T16:58:42+00:00

You can see the full refund policy for membership here. In summary, you have the right to cancel your membership during the 14 days after the subscription begins, provided that you have not joined any member activities before your refund request.

After this 14 days period or after you join one of the members activities, refund is not possible, but of course you can cancel automatic renewal if you subscribed with your credit card.